With Love, Dr. Laszlo – Iconic Best Sellers Set ($115 Value)


Discover our cult-favorites with powerful active ingredients and real results, that will have you loving the skin you’re in. These 6 best-selling face care products will help to purify, smooth, hydrate and balance your skin for a healthy-looking complexion.

  • Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar 1.7 oz
  • Detoxifying Cleansing Oil 0.5 fl.oz.
  • Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment (1 application)
  • Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask (2 packs)
  • Hydraphel Skin Supplement 2.0 fl.oz.
  • Phelityl Night Cream 0.5 fl.oz

Highlighting some of Dr. Laszlo’s most-loved products, this collection features best-selling cleansers and treatments. 

In this set: Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment (1 application), Hydraphel Skin Supplement 2.0 fl.oz., Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar 1.7 oz, Phelityl Night Cream 0.5 fl.oz, Detoxifying Cleansing Oil 0.5 fl.oz., Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask (2 pack) 


Hydra Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment is a gentle, dual-phase peel-off mask. It delivers vital nutrients to re-energize skin exposed to sun, travel, pollution, or other stressors. In Phase 1, Provitamin B5 soothes damaged skin and strengthens the moisture barrier for a soft, silky-feeling complexion. Phase 2 brings a dose of Triple Mineral Powder with crystalline Magnesium Carbonate to help restore pH balance. 


Hydraphel Skin Supplement’s skin-restoring nutrients and powerful hydrators—found both in nature and skin itself—work together to soothe skin and balance pH. Provitamin B5 gives skin antioxidant support to bolster healing. Comfrey Root calms stressed skin and encourages renewal. Glycerin attracts and holds hydration to restore moisture levels. Skin ends up better able to absorb moisturizers and serums. 


The Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar is our famous black soap. Boasting several of nature’s most incredible ingredients to simultaneously deep-clean (without stripping), refine, and rejuvenate. Dead Sea Mud is a natural wonder, boasting 26 minerals essential to healthy skin. Charcoal regulates oil content while deeply cleansing and renewing the complexion. Glycerin acts as a moisture magnet, attracting and holding hydration. 


Phelityl Night Cream features one of Dr. Laszlo’s earliest innovations: the Phelityl Complex, which remains an advanced way to hydrate skin and balance pH by replenishing the fatty acids essential to its health. Glycerin blends with fatty acids naturally found in skin to restore moisture levels. Silicon aids in renewing the complexion, smoothing fine lines. Sweet Birch and Clove Oil work together to gently exfoliate and eliminate oil and bacteria. 


Detoxifying Cleansing Oil’s natural detoxifying and exfoliating actives clear skin’s surface, jumpstarting skin renewal and reducing the effect of damaging outside stressors. A powerhouse cleansing agent, Charcoal draws out and traps impurities in the skin. Sea Water and Grapeseed Oil help prevent the buildup of toxins. 


Multi-Task Eye Serum Masks are infused with a potent blend of nutrient-rich Green Algae and essential vitamin Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). Niacinamide boasts natural brightening agents, softens fine lines and wrinkles, and diminishes dullness. Resilient Green Algae acts as a superfood for skin, delivering rich proteins, amino acids, and Vitamin C to help boost skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Begin with Detoxifying Cleansing Oil, specially formulated for dull, congested skin in need of a deep-clean detox. Use daily, morning and night. Follow Detoxifying Oil with the Sea Mud Cleansing Bar. These two products create your Double-Cleanse ritual. Use morning and night to cleanse and prep skin before laying other elements of your routine, such as toner, serums, and moisturizers. Use daily, morning and night. Apply Hydraphel Skin Supplement after your Double-Cleanse ritual. Sweep over skin with a cotton ball, avoiding the eye area. Use daily, morning and night. Dab Phelityl Night Cream on skin and blend into face, neck, and décolletage in an upward motion. Use nightly. Use Hydra Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment as needed as part of your bespoke skincare ritual. Mix together the dual-phase formula vigorously together to form a fluffy mousse. Smooth over face, avoiding eyes, brows, hairline, and mouth. Let dry 15–20 minutes, then peel downward from the forehead. Rinse off any excess. Use Multi-Task Eye Serum Masks weekly, or whenever under-eye skin could use an instant lift. Apply to clean, dry under-eyes, avoiding direct eye contact. Leave on for 10 minutes, then remove gently and massage excess serum into skin.

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