It's a
Not a Compromise

The products you love
made cleaner for you
(and the environment)

Since we launched nearly 100 years ago, we've been dedicated to constantly revisiting and evolving our brand to meet the highest standards when it comes to safe and effective skincare.

As part of this process, we're eliminating potentially harmful ingredients from our formulas and updating our packaging so that everything meets our high clean, safe and sustainable standards*.

We know we're not the first to make a commitment to embark on this journey, and hopefully we're not the last.



No Parabens.

No Phthalates.

No Mineral Oils.

The List Goes On.

We've developed a strict set of clean standards and have been working over the last few years to eliminate 51 potentially harmful ingredients - the United States currently only bans 11 ingredients - from all of our new and existing formulas. All of our products will meet our new standards and be completely clean by the end of 2021. Your skin deserves the best.

The last time the FDA passed any regulations on skincare was in 1938. That's over 80 years ago. We're long overdue for an update.

Say it All


"The number of potentially harmful ingredients we're removing from our historic formulas. Better for you, better results."


The number of harmful ingredients currently banned by the United States.


The number of countries with greater regulations on skincare products than the United States. We should be at the top of that list, not the bottom.

Our Clean

What We Use and Why

We’re the first to admit that ingredient labels can be difficult to navigate. So in the spirit of full transparency, here’s a list of those ingredients and the reasons why we are using them in our products today. We’re going to continue to evolve and innovate so that you always have access to the best products.

"We want to leave this planet in better shape than it was when we found it."



Less Plastic

Less Waste

We believe your ritual should be good for you and the environment. As such, we’ve signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, working with others towards a vision of a circular economy for plastic in which it never becomes waste or pollution.

*(As new information emerges about the cumulative effect of certain ingredients, we are re-evaluating our formulas to make them cleaner by eliminating even minute amounts of ingredients that are safe in small quantities, but can be harmful to you or the environment when used in lots of products.)