(Double) Cleansing 101

The dawn of a new decade is here and we’re renewing our commitment to cleansing. We started the concept that cleansing is the #1 way to keep your skin looking fresh, rejuvenated, and youthful. Dr. Laszlo inspired us all to take our skincare rituals very seriously and never skip this step. With the launch of our new cleansing bar packaging, we wanted to reset some of our founding skincare beliefs and bring cleansing back to the top of your skin resolutions for this new decade. Read on to discover the fun of cleansing and why you should try the Erno Laszlo Double Cleanse!

The Value of Daily Cleansing

Daily cleansing prevents clogged pores by washing away your makeup, but it has another benefit that is sometimes overlooked: the removal of environmental pollutants from your skin. Impurities can stick to our skin due to its natural oils, so if you’re not thorough with your cleansing method, you might not actually be removing everything that has accumulated throughout the day. This leads to serums, eye care products, and moisturizers not reaching their full potential, leaving your skin looking a bit dull and grey.

Enter Our Cleansing Bars

In a world awash with cleansing methods, why the classic bar form? One reason is that lots of liquid soaps, even those from organic or green-focused brands, tend to include chemicals and preservatives that dry skin out. Our cleansing bars contain the highest concentration of powerful skincare actives to gently cleanse without drying. Contrary to popular belief, cleansing bars are inherently unfriendly environments to microbes. As soon as the bar touches your skin, it starts fighting the oils that feed hungry bacteria.

Paired with our Cleansing Oils

Our nourishing cleansing oils soothe and soften skin by gently breaking up dirt, makeup, and other impurities without stripping your complexion of precious moisture. When combined with the effects of the bar, the result is a rich yet lightweight mask that penetrates pores to emulsify and remove impurities from the skin like nothing else!

Why the Double Cleanse?

When you use the cleansing oil with the cleansing bar, you get the perfect cleansing mask that will leave your skin squeaky clean and refreshed. The oil grips onto the worst impurities and skin stressors, while the water-based bar removes any remaining residue. We’ve been educating customers on this method since the 1920s and we’re still going strong. 

How Do You Double Cleanse?

The first step is lather cleansing oil on dry skin to loosen and remove makeup and buildup. Next, don’t rinse, but lather on the cleansing bar with warm water and apply in a circular motion, then rinse it all off with warm water. The two-fold aspect makes the experience feel more like a ritual than a routine, like treating your skin to a mini-facial with radiant results.

Which Combination Is Right for You?

We strive to provide custom cleansers based on each individual’s particular concerns, so we have formulated three cleansing bar and oil treatments, each with their own unique benefits. While we have them paired up based on need, you can also mix and match to create your own perfect formulation! So which one is best for you?

Blemished, Oily or Stressed Out Skin

Our Detox Cleansing Duo paired with Dr. Laszlo’s invention, our best-selling Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, is ideal for complexions that struggle with large pores, blemishes, and oiliness.  The not-so-secret special ingredient in the Famous Black Soap is Dead Sea Mud, a mineral-rich miracle of nature that is still a staple ingredient for a reason.

“I have been using this soap since 1987 and there is no other cleanser – soap or otherwise – that can match it. The look, the smell, the feel of it in your hand, the way it exfoliates and cleanses 100% of everything off of your face and out of your pores – makeup, oil, grime – without drying.” – Sandy at ErnoLaszlo.com

Dark Spots, Dullness, and Uneven Tone

Bring on the brilliance with our Brightening Cleansing Oil and White Marble Treatment Bar This creamy cleansing bar works in three stages to diminish dark spots, dullness, and uneven tone – with not a hint of tightness or dryness. 

“I started using White Marble Treatment Bar with the White Marble Cleansing Oil about a week ago and the results have been beyond phenomenal. I would even dare to go as far as to say, supernatural.” – Jenna72 at ErnoLaszlo.com

Dryness and More Mature Skin

Strike a balance with our Hydra-Therapy Phelityl Cleansing Oil and Phelityl Cleansing Bar. Pronounced /Fell-i-Till/, this hydrating facial cleansing bar contains our original formula that’s designed to promote pH-balanced skin. 

“The Phelityl Cleansing Bar is my new favorite cleansing product. Before trying this bar, I only used liquid cleansers. This product has changed this for me. I love how my skin feels after each use. For the first time, I have found a cleansing product that leaves my skin feeling hydrated.” – Shane at ErnoLaszlo.com

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I have been using the Laszlo products for over 50 years and have kept the wrinkles away.
Would never leave your products

Beverly Hatfield hatfield 29 mars 2022

I got a very small, Black Sea mud bar in a ‘QVC 25 days of Christmas Gift/Sample Pack”, & absolutely LoVE the Black Sea Mud Bar!! So glad I came here to check this out. Actually learned how to use the Black Soap here. Ty for video’s! Would love to get a sample or two of some of the cleaning oils/lotions to use with the black sea mud soap bar. Love your products so far! Think I just found my new Face Cleanser! I’m 61 & need serious help! 💞 Thanks so much for making such a great Cleanser! jd

Jackie Davenport 29 mars 2022

I’ve used sea mud soap,light controlling lotion&shake it tinted treatment since I was 20 years old I am now 66 years old.Iam told I look like I’m 40 years old,I always tell people that I owe it all to Erno Laszlo skin care.There’s only one skin care product that can deliver exactly what it says & that’s Erno Laszlo. I’ve gotten my 2 grandsons using Laszlo,after the first week of using it,they received numerous compliments on how great their skin looked,they’re in their 20’s…they love how incredible their skin feels…Thank You Erno Laszlo.
Please keep making the Shake It Tinted treatment&bring back the loose powder….

Maggi Manno 09 mars 2022

I will be sixty this year and have been using the sea mud soap since I was 16! So many compliments on how youthful my skin looks and I tell everyone about the Erno Laszlo Collection

Karen Sayles 02 mars 2022

I have used the Phelityl cleansing oil and bar for over 40 years, off and on. Unfortunately more off than on. Even though I have used other products, I always return to these two and they always deliver fantastic results. I’m hooked again and hope to stay that way in the future.

Linda Cunyus 20 janvier 2022

I have used the charcoal cleansing bar for many many years. During the pandemic somehow I got away from it and I’m now using it again and I forgot how absolutely wonderful it is. Definitely worth trying.

Barry Pierce 29 novembre 2021

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