Fall-ing Back Into Routine

As the frenzy of summer slows and shifts into autumn’s routine, consider your skincare. Changes in season should bring a change in the way you care for your complexion. Cooler temperatures and dry air leave even the happiest, healthiest skin in need of a ritual reset. Below are 7 steps and expert tips for keeping your complexion looking radiant as we move into fall.

Step 1: Cleanse day and night

Did you know you sweat up to 1-2 liters each night? On top of that, you’re shedding 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells every minute—and no, they don’t naturally fall off your face. Cleansing twice daily ensures all those surface oils, dead skin, dirt, and pollutants are rinsed away, unclogging pores and leaving your complexion refreshed. The trick, particularly in drier months, is choosing a cleanser that nourishes as it cleanses.

We recommend: Phelityl Cleasing Duo

Why it’s perfect for fall: Double cleansing allows for a complete cleanse, full of beautiful benefits. Our Phelityl Cleansing Duo is ideal for infusing dry skin with balanced hydration. Begin with our Phelityl Cleansing Oil, lightweight but moisture-rich and quick-absorbing, to instantly restore hydration as you cleanse. Follow with our nourishing Phelityl Cleansing Bar, formulated with ingredients packed with Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) help maintain moisture and bring skin back into balance.

The results: Skin is left looking and feeling silky smooth, soft, and radiant.

Step 2: Mask with a targeted treatment 

It’s no secret that the change in seasons can be hard on your skin. Introducing a mask to your ritual can help maintain a healthy glow and provide targeted treatment for blemishes. Our new Clarifying Gel Mask reduces surface oils built up from summer sweat and debris, and refines the look of pores. Lightly massage the product onto freshly-cleansed skin for 1-2 minutes, avoiding the eye area, then leave on for 15-20 minutes. Gently remove with a tissue or rinse off with water. Recommended Usage: Begin by using 1 to 2 times weekly. Gradually increase usage after testing for any sensitivity due to skin type. Maximum recommended usage is every other night for up to 15 minutes.

We recommend: Clarifying Gel Mask 

Why it’s perfect for fall: Your skin got accustomed to the warm weather and increased oil production from the summer, which may have resulted in a few blemishes here and there. Continue healthy habits in caring and bringing balance to the skin. 

The results: Leaves skin hydrated, cooled, and nourished with reduced surface oils and clarified pores. The complexion looks and feels refreshed, revitalized, and balanced. 

Step 3: Show under-eyes extra TLC

From fall to winter, dry air wreaks havoc on the delicate eye area, one of the most-sensitive and high-maintenance parts of the face. Because the eye-area doesn’t contain oil glands, dryness is the default—unless you supplement with eye care formulas. Eye masks are formulated with vitamins, peptides, glycerin, and other skin-loving ingredients to gently penetrate and hydrate. Tip: Apply immediately after cleansing to avoid mixing with the actives in your other skincare products, as these can irritate the eye area. 

We recommend: Multi-Task Serum Eye Mask 

Why it’s perfect for fall: Convenient for special occasions or a weekly routine, these masks perfectly hug the contours under eyes to stay in place. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while renewing and moisturizing the under-eye area. 

The results: Eyes are refreshed, lifted, and rejuvenated in just 10 minutes. 

Step 4: Use toner to balance pH

Toner has several benefits, including providing an extra layer of protection against pollutants. This time of year, we also turn to toner to keep pH levels in balance. Skin is naturally acidic, generally with a pH between 5 and 6. Depending on the pH of the cleanser you use and how alkaline it is, it can potentially throw off your natural pH balance. This can cause your skin to produce extra oil to compensate for the change. Using a toner balances your skin.

We recommend: Hydraphel Skin Supplement

Why it’s perfect for fall: Hydraphel Skin Supplement is a favorite for helping dry skin feel comfortable in all seasons. Our silky, hydrating toner (essence) works for nearly all skin concerns to revive dull or dry complexions and begin the process of renewal. Skin-restoring nutrients and powerful hydrators work together to soothe skin and balance pH. Glycerin attracts and holds hydration to restore moisture levels

The results: Skin is left refreshed, perfectly conditioned, and better able to absorb moisturizers and serums.

Step 5: Choose serum with targeted benefits

Serums give skin an extra layer of lightweight hydration, but that’s not all. Serum actives deliver targeted benefits to support your skin’s unique needs—whether it’s improving tone and texture, smoothing fine lines, brightening, and so on. Serums are able to absorb quickly into the skin, optimizing the delivery of those highly-concentrated actives. With each new season, consider what your skin needs right now. The right serum is a way to answer those needs.

We recommend: Timeless Skin Serum

Why it’s perfect for fall: As its name suggests, our Timeless Skin Serum is always in season. But it’s particularly nice for autumn as it’s formulated to hydrate deeply while also delivering other targeted benefits. Meadowfoam Seed Oil, a moisturizer rich in Vitamin E, absorbs quickly into skin, creating a barrier to lock in hydration. At the same time, other powerful natural actives target signs of aging.

The results: Skin’s tone and texture is improved and precious moisture is preserved.

Step 6: Cloak skin in rich moisture

Properly hydrating skin can lead to a decrease in blemishes, as dry skin tends to overproduce oil to compensate. With oil comes breakouts and blemishes. We’d go so far as to say that, next to cleansing, moisturizing is the most important step in your ritual. At night, skin enters “recovery mode” where the regeneration process is 3x faster than during the day, meaning skin also loses the most moisture at night. In every season, moisturize your skin day and night. In cooler months, choose a rich cream for optimal moisture retention.

We recommend: Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 for the day

Why it’s perfect for fall: Despite the summer UV rays being gone, it’s still important to protect your skin and nourish it with hydration. Sun protection is recommended throughout the year, and this 2-in-1 moisturizer does both to ensure your skin stays hydrated, protected, and with a firmer look.

The results: Hydrates, smooths, and gives a healthier, younger-looking complexion.

Step 7: Finish

The changing weather, drop in temperature and humidity can cause your skin to react. As the seasons transition, it's not uncommon to see some changes in your skin including an excess amount of oil production. Your last step to skincare, Shake-It Tinted Skin Treatment evens skin’s tone, refines the look of pores, and reduces excess surface oils for a soft, filtered effect and flawless matte finish. With 80% treatment and 20% pigment, this iconic tinted treatment leaves the complexion supported, shine-free, and prepped for a natural look and feeling of skin confidence.

We recommend: Shake-It Tinted Skin Treatment

Why it’s perfect for fall: Add the finishing touches to your ritual with Shake-It Tinted Skin Treatment. It evens skin tone, controls excess oils, and refines pores. Think of it as damage control to enhance your skin as it gets accustomed to the seasonal transition. Four shades suit a range of skin tones.

The results: Skin is left with a sheer, matte-finish.


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