Interview With Our Expert: Day & Night Eye Cream

Our latest eye care innovation, Day & Night Intensive Eye Cream Duo, features two powerful eye creams—one for day, the other for night—in one clever product. Shaped by science and synergy, this duo works around the clock for all-around luminous eyes. Together, these creams brighten, smooth the look of lines, and improve the feel of elasticity on both the upper- and under-eye area.

We recently asked our New Product Developer, Meredith Vliet, to share her vision for these formulas. Read on for an inside look at how our Day & Night Intensive Eye Cream Duo came to life.

What inspired this dual (two-in-one) product?
Meredith: The thought process behind developing a dual product really lies in our effort to provide consumers with a convenient yet targeted solution—day and night eye care in one component. What makes this packaging so great is that you can just throw it in your purse or cosmetic bag without having to reach for two separate jars. Both targeted formulas are at your fingertips—and this product is also TSA approved!

What ingredient is most exciting to you?
M: From the start, the goal was to develop a special ingredient complex that works synergistically in both formulas to provide holistic eye care benefits. This ultimately led to the creation of our BioRejuven Complex™, which is a blend of ferments and botanicals that brighten dullness, smooth the appearance of lines, and improve the look of elasticity on both the upper lid and beneath the eye. This powerful anti-aging complex works intensively in both the day and night formulas, and this around-the-clock care is truly an exciting innovation.

What sets this product apart from others on the market?
M: While this duo features two separate formulas designed to work in synergy, each cream also targets specific concerns correlated to day vs. night.

The day formula is a gel cream, making it ideal for wearing during the day and layering with an SPF, thanks to its lightweight texture. It contains special active ingredients catered to brightening and improving radiance for a luminous, refreshed, awakened look that we all strive for during the day. Our Terra-C Radiance Complex™ with Vitamin C works on brightening and radiance, while our HexaTetra Peptide Complex helps reduce the look of expression lines and crow’s feet wrinkles.

The night formula is a soft cream with a richer texture and features special blends catered toward concerns like deeper fine lines and nourishing the delicate eye area. Our Bio-Retoin Complex™ combines an innovative bio-retinol extracted from the Bidens Pilosa plant with Murumuru Seed Butter, Cotton Seed Oil, and Linseed Oil, plus soothing Allantoin. This blend works to reduce roughness and smooth the appearance of deeper wrinkles over time—without the harsh side effects of traditional retinols. The night formula also features active Prickly Pear, which provides long-term hydration and soothing benefits, plus our Skin-Conditioning Complex that nourishes overnight with Shea Butter and Glycerin.

What is your favorite way to use Day & Night Eye Cream?
M: In the morning, I like to apply the day formula after serum and before my moisturizer and SPF. But my absolute favorite way to use it is at night after masking:

After cleansing, I wear the Full Circle Eye Mask for 15 minutes, remove it and pat the remaining serum into my skin. By that point, the skin around my eyes feels so supple. Then I lightly glide the night eye cream on top of both the upper and lower eye area. It melts so beautifully into the skin after using the mask and feels incredible. It is by far the most effective night eye treatment I’ve found as it infuses hydration into the entire eye area, not just the bottom.

Who is this duo ideal for?
M: This product is great for anyone who wants to improve the look of their eye area—whether it’s radiance and brightening, fine lines and crow’s feet wrinkles, or soothing and nourishing, Day & Night Intensive Eye Cream Duo truly does it all. Not only that, it provides these benefits on both the upper and lower eye area, making it a holistic solution that will deliver visible benefits.

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