Erno Laszlo Believes Your Ritual Should Be Good For You And The Environment

We deliver this through sustainable packaging and our commitment towards a circular economy.

In December 2019, we became a signatory to the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, based on guidance from Better Future Factory, a sustainability design agency. Together, we established key milestones and tasks to help Erno Laszlo become compliant by 2025. Below is our Global Commitment updated as of July 2021.

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

Eliminating Problematic or Unnecessary Plastic Packaging by 2025

 Actions Taken / Completed 

1. Materials & formats eliminated or reduced for primary and secondary packaging

    • In 2019 completed “Plastics Scan” to assess all packaging types currently used across the brand and identified problematic and unnecessary plastic packaging
    • As of August 2019, stopped offering single-use sample packettes
    • As of January 2020, eliminated the use of ABS and SAN resins in all packaging (current sin list also includes AS, PVC, PC & PS, which are not being used in our packaging today) and eliminated the use of vacuum metallization as a decoration technique
    • As of May 2020, changed PP jar cap liners from PE to EVA to ensure recyclability (not contaminate stream)
    • May 2021 moved out of black resin into white resin to ensure detectability in sorting machines
    • By December 2021, all secondary cartons will be right-sized and plastic inserts/ vacforms will be replaced with paperboard trays or moulded pulp.
2. Materials & formats eliminated or reduced for tertiary packaging (warehouse and vendors)
    • February 2021 transitioned from plastic bubble wrap to paper dunnage in warehouse

 Description of Activities and Plans in Progress 

1. Materials & formats eliminated or reduced for primary and secondary packaging

    • Substitution of multi-layer film packaging with mono-layer film or alternate recyclable materials
        • December 2020 began search for new recyclable film
        • March-May 2021 evaluated current film’s performance and powder
        • June-July 2021 began testing material for VTM
          • Note: any products that are not compatible with chosen mono-material film by 2023 will undergo a format change or be discontinued
    • Utilization of single resin (mono-material) within a multi-part package
        • September 2021 planned launch of 1st metal-free pump, mono-material package (polypropylene) used for all serum packaging
        • Began search in February 2021 for all plastic pump for use with oil cleansers
    • Replacement of solid black caps to marbled caps in 2020-2023 to improve recyclability and transition into PCR plastic (where black is the primary color, plan to add identifiers by 2022)
      • May 2021 tested black marble detectability with IR machine – proved to be undetectable
      • June 2021 began cap development with adding 50% PCR and identifiers into black marbled caps
    2. Materials & formats eliminated or reduced for tertiary packaging (warehouse and vendors)
      • To perform a full evaluation of our distribution network to reduce plastics (tertiary packaging) in transporting primary and secondary packaging by end of 2022

     Updated Goals 

    1. Concentrate on reducing jar gram weight by 10% by 2023

      Moving From Single Use Towards Reuse Models Where Relevant by 2025

       Actions Taken / Completed 

      1. Exploration of refill or reuse models

          • Explored reuse models with Loop in 2019 and decided to focus on refill model
          • February 2020 conducted in-house consumer panel test to inform refill strategy
        2. Availability of refill models today
          • No refill models available as of 2021

         Description of Activities and Plans in Progress 

        1. Design phase

          • May 2021 designed preliminary concepts of refillable jar with supplier

           Updated Goals 

          1. Offer 3 products refill/reuse model in 2021; Revised Plan: Launch refillable program by year end 2022

          Increasing Post - Consumer Recycled (PCR) by 2025

           Actions Taken / Completed 

          1. Components/ products with PCR
            • May 2021 launched first package with 25% PCR PP
            • Cap jar PCR 50% - blue marble development complete; Launch date TBC

           Description of Activities and Plans in Progress 

          1. Planned Launches

            • In 2022 transitioning into marbled jar caps (black) with 50% PCR and identifiers

          2. Sourcing & Testing

            • Actively sourcing PCR packaging for new product introductions and refill/reuse options
            • Currently exploring the use of PCR in our existing jars, caps, and bottles (PP/PE) – testing underway to ensure product integrity and no interaction

                • PCR to be included only in non-contact parts (i.e., jar outer), plastic that touches product shall remain virgin

            3. Take-back Program

            • September 2021 will launch closed-loop recycle stream to recover consumer waste for use as regrind and incorporation into ‘like-as’ packaging or upcycle/down-cycle

           Updated Goals 

          1. Updating goal from 25% to 30% PCR on average in keeping with regulations set by governments around world by 2025

          100% of Plastic Packaging to be Reusable, Recyclable, or Compostable by 2025

           Actions Taken / Completed 

          1. In 2019 reviewed the design for recycling guidelines on all our plastic packaging and acted accordingly to ensure recyclability

          2. Investigated partnerships with third parties, such as Terracycle, for items that cannot be recycled through local municipalities

           Description of Activities and Plans in Progress 

          1. Assess any items that have not been addressed thus far, to examine and develop plans in 2022-2025

            • Items smaller than by 2” x 2”
            • Transportation materials for in-bound materials
          Please note: several legacy products, which are scheduled to be discontinued and will not be transitioned into recyclable packaging, will continue to ship until run out end of year 2022. 

          To keep packaging in circulation we need dedicated, ongoing & sufficient funding for collection, sorting & recycling. We recognize that EPR is the only proven & likely way to provide this funding. Read the full statement & paper by @circulareconomy:

          If you would like to know more about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the New Plastics Economy initiative, please click on the links below:

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