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Article: Ritual Modifications: Optimizing Your Routine for Healthier Skin

Ritual Modifications:  Optimizing Your Routine for Healthier Skin
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Ritual Modifications: Optimizing Your Routine for Healthier Skin

Meet Anne McFadden

Anne McFadden has been with Erno Laszlo for close to 50 years. She began her career at Saks Fifth Avenue in White Plains. When she started at Saks, employees were not allowed to sell Erno Laszlo products unless they were trained for at least a year to do so. Anne saw flocks of women with flawless skin coming into the store and shopping Erno Laszlo which drew her to the brand.

After moving to New York City, she managed the Erno Laszlo counter at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store and remained there for close to 40 years. Anne then began working at the Erno Laszlo Institute in Soho. Following her time at the institute, Anne started working in our corporate office as a brand ambassador. Anne is passionate about Erno Laszlo because “The products work. It’s all I have used my whole life. If you’re patient, nothing works better. Great skin doesn’t happen overnight.”

The history of Erno Laszlo and Ritual Modifications

Modifications were a part of Dr. Erno Laszlo’s rituals from the beginning. The prescriptions of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and, all of Dr. Erno Laszlo’s early patients reflect ritual modifications.

What are Ritual Modifications and why should someone implement this into their routine?

Ritual modifications are personalized changes in an individual client’s ritual to adjust for seasons, travel, and other events, which allow the brand to approximate the services of Dr. Laszlo himself.
Ritual modifications are important because your skin doesn’t stay the same year-round or in different environments. If you were on a dry skin ritual and going overseas to a warm area, we would tweak your routine to help you avoid a breakout. Part of modifying your ritual is anticipating how your skin may react and preventing irritation or stress to your skin.

To modify your ritual, you will begin by swapping 1 step of your routine to adjust to the environment or situation that you are in. Anne emphasizes the importance of modifying your ritual once the conditions are consistent. For example, if temperatures begin to drop in your environment, you will want to wait a week or two to see if it stays cold and then modify your ritual with the intention of keeping your routine consistent through the season.

How many times a year should someone be modifying their ritual?

Ideally, you will modify your ritual at least 2x a year. Sometimes you may need it more depending on that year’s weather. Modifications can be intuitive; you can assess when to modify your ritual based on the way your skin is feeling. If your skin has felt tight and dry or extra oily for over a week, it is likely time to modify accordingly. Anne also emphasizes that age has nothing to do with the need to modify your routine, rituals are based only on skin type and concerns.

How can I incorporate ritual modifications into my routine?

Anne suggests modifying your ritual one step at a time until your skin feels satisfied. Each modification should be tried for at least a week before trying another modification. Once your skin is feeling healthy and comfortable, your routine has been successfully adjusted. Anne suggests going slow and making note of what works for you. Modifications can also be as simple as adding or removing a product from your current ritual.
If your skin is feeling dry, it is essential to incorporate hydrating products until your skin feels nourished. Some of our favorite hydrating products are:
    If your skin is feeling extra oily or congested, Anne recommends modifying with detoxifying or oil-controlling products such as:

      Erno Laszlo Brand Ambassadors are following Dr. Laszlo's process and making themselves available for Virtual Skincare Consultations to assess and prescribe solutions for achieving your best skin using Erno Laszlo products: Erno Laszlo Skin Consultation.  

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      Hello Anne , I have to say you are looking amazing , what a great ambassador for Erno . We met in Soho a few years ago . I have used Erno Laszlo for 45 years now and it has always been excellent . So happy you have started selling on the U.K .

      Elaine Parry

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