Spring Ritual Reset

As snow turns to April showers and May flowers, this change in seasons signals that it’s time to consider a change in how you care for your complexion. Warmer temperatures and increased humidity cause skin to produce more sebum than in cooler months, leading to noticeable skin oiliness and potential issues such as blemishes and greasy feeling. Spending more time in the sun also leaves skin exposed to harmful rays, which can cause premature signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

While this shift in seasons is beyond your control, the care you show your skin and products you choose are all up to you. To help prepare for warmer months, our skincare experts have curated a springtime ritual designed to keep your complexion healthy, balanced, and protected into spring and beyond.

Step 1: Cleanse to Detoxify
Warmer weather increases oil production, leading to clogged pores and blemishes. Choose a cleanser that detoxifies skin and unclogs pores, without leaving the complexion feeling tight or dry.

We recommend: Detox Cleansing Duo

Why it’s perfect for spring: Our Detox Cleansing Duo follows Dr. Laszlo’s signature Double Cleanse Method. First, the cleansing oil draws toxins from the skin, gently removing make-up, excess oil, surface debris, and sunscreen. Next, the water-activated cleansing bar rinses them away. The bar itself is our famous Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar—and original charcoal bar—formulated with purifying Charcoal and gently-exfoliating Dead Sea Mud.

Result: Skin is left smooth and soft, clear and refreshed.

Step 2: Eye Care to Instantly Refresh
Spring begins allergy season, leading to eye irritation and puffiness. It’s natural to rub your eyes for relief, but you’d do best to avoid rubbing and tugging. The eye area is the thinnest, most delicate skin on your face and is easily susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles caused by rubbing. When allergies strike, eyes need instant relief.

We recommend: Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask

Why it’s perfect for spring: Our Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask provides 360-degree care to quickly hydrate, soothe, and smooth the skin both above and below the eye. It’s an easy 10-minute pick-me-up masking treatment to keep eyes cool and refreshed.

Result: Skin around the entire eye area is soothed and calmed, helping puffy eyes look and feel revived, awake, and illuminated.

Step 2: Eye Care to Revive & Repair
After the dryness of winter and onset of irritation from springtime allergy season, the thin, delicate skin around your eyes could use some gentle yet effective daily care with long-lasting benefits.

We recommend: Phormula 3-10 Eye Intensive

Why it’s perfect for spring: Our Phormula 3-10 Eye Intensive is a targeted recovery treatment, giving winter’s tired, dry eyes some concentrated hydration and rejuvenation to start the spring. This fast-absorbing, richly-nourishing formula reduces under-eye bags, puffiness, and softens the look of lines and wrinkles.

Result: Skin around the eyes is gently nourished for a smooth, bright-eyed look.

Step 3: Tone to Replenish Hydration
It’s important to rehydrate skin after cleansing, ensuring the complexion is left healthy, glowing, and ready to receive the benefits of the remaining products in your ritual. Even oil-prone skin benefits from hydration, since a lack of moisture causes skin to overcompensate by producing more sebum.

We recommend: Skin Supplement Essence

Why it’s perfect for spring: Our Extra Dry Skin Supplement Essence revives dry, dull skin by replenishing moisture, coating the complexion in hydration that’s both comforting and energizing.

Result: Skin is refreshed and supported with an extra layer of hydration, ready to receive the next steps in your ritual.

Step 4: Serum to Soothe & Nourish
As the weather warms up, not only does skin produce more oils, you’re more likely to be outside in the sun, leading to sweat. The combination of sweat and oil can contribute to skin blemishes and breakouts, resulting in irritation and redness due to sensitivity.

We recommend: Soothing Relief Hydration Serum

Why it’s perfect for spring: Our Soothing Relief Hydration Serum is a gentle rescue for skin, coating the complexion in soothing benefits by replenishing vital hydration and strengthening the moisture barrier. Our Barridome Technology® has a second-skin effect, keeping the complexion hydrated in the face of environmental stressors.

Result: Skin is soothed with signs of dryness or sensitivity visibly diminished for a healthy-looking complexion.

Step 5: Moisturize in the Morning to Hydrate & Protect
Daily moisturizer is a must. As you start to spend more time outdoors, SPF is equally essential. Not only can prolonged sun exposure lead to serious health concerns, sun damage can cause premature signs of aging skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Choose a moisturizing cream with SPF to thoroughly hydrate and protect.

We recommend: Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30

Why it’s perfect for spring: Our Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 is a wonderfully rich and luxurious moisturizing cream that works doubly hard for your skin. Not only is skin shielded from harmful UV rays and sun damage with SPF 30, but mineral-drenched seawater and marine botanicals also help improve the look and feel of skin's firmness and elasticity.

Result: Skin is intensely moisturized, smoothed, and protected from harmful rays.

Step 6: Moisturize at Night to Restore Moisture
On spring nights, temperatures are still known to dip, leaving skin dry and susceptible to flaking. It’s essential to infuse skin with restorative moisture overnight for nourished and balanced skin by morning.

We recommend: Phelityl Night Cream

Why it’s perfect for spring: Our Phelityl Night Cream delivers moisture by replenishing essential fatty acids vital to skin health. By morning, skin feels rehydrated with a refreshed tone and glow.

Result: Skin is ready to take on the day with a supple, revived look and feel.

Bonus Treatment: Brightening Peel to Polish & Illuminate
Say goodbye to dull winter skin by treating your complexion to a resurfacing peel. Use 1-2x a week for optimal glowing skin results.

We recommend: Brightening Dual Phase Peel

Why it’s perfect for spring: Our Brightening Dual Phase Peel is part exfoliating facial scrub, part brightening peel. This dual-phase treatment gently polishes the complexion to smooth and reduce dullness, sweeping away dry, dead skin cells built up during the winter.

Result: Skin is smoothed, brightened, and ready to be seen this spring.

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