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Episode #S1E1

Mind Your Skin: Introduction

Apr 08, 19 min

Welcome to the Mind Your Skin podcast, the show that will help us understand the link between how we feel and how we look by exploring the relationship between the skin and mind. Join Poppy Jamie - a mental wellness advocate, best-selling author, and happiness researcher as she dives further into the science and explores the latest thinking and ideas with leading experts to help us all become skin-tellectuals.     The Mind Your Skin podcast is brought to you by Erno Laszlo. The science of skin and mind as one. Since 1927.

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Guest of the Week

I wanted to kick this series off with a very special episode about the skincare brand who have been advocating the science of skin and mind as one since 1927, Erno Laszlo. I will be digging deep into Erno Laszlo’s history, hearing stories about the man himself, his unique personalized formulations and his philosophy from the people who know the brand inside and out.

In today’s episode I am joined by the author of the Erno Laszlo white-paper, Carol Feinberg, Erno Laszlo’s Chief Brand Officer, Patricia Schuffenhauer and their longest serving brand ambassador, Anne McFadden. We discuss why listening to his patients was a crucial aspect of Erno Laszlo’s treatment, why his personalized formulations were forward-thinking and why his mission was to restore physical appearance through building confidence.

The connection between the skin and mind is a topic that is extremely relevant today, but this connection was made nearly 50 years ago by Dr Erno Laszlo who dedicated his life and career to helping people let their beauty within shine through their faces. It’s a message that could not be more relevant today.

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I enjoyed this podcast very much! I have been using EL for 40 years and Ann Mc Fadden has been with me on this journey. It cleared up cystic acne, kept me looking healthy and happy and now is taking care of me in later years. I couldn’t be more thankful for a refreshing, clean approach to looking my best ❤️

Diane Sheridan May 04, 22

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