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Episode #S1E5

Skin & Gut Health

May 05, 22 min

Guest: Dr. Julie Greenberg

Meet the Host
Guest of the Week

On this week’s episode of the Mind Your Skin podcast I am joined by Dr Julie Greenberg. Dr Julie Greenberg is a licensed naturopathic doctor who specialises in integrative dermatology. She is the founder of the Center for Integrative Dermatology, a holistic clinic that approaches skin problems by finding and treating the root cause. Dr. Greenberg holds degrees from Northwestern University, Stanford University, and is the Program Chair for the Naturopathic & Integrative Dermatology Series on, a program for doctors that discusses evidence-based alternative approaches to treating dermatological conditions. 


In today’s episode, Dr. Julie Greenberg explains why healing acne starts within. We will discuss how gut health and internal imbalance drive acne and why repairing the gut and developing a healthier diet and lifestyle are key to clearing the skin, for good.  So if you’ve suffered with skin problems for months, years or even decades, it might just be your body’s way of telling you there’s a problem inside. This episode is seriously fascinating and just proves why treating the whole person rather than the condition is so much more effective. 

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