Épisode #S2E5

Skin & Hormones

Jul 14, 20 min

Guest: Dr. Terry Loong

Dr Terry Loong is a qualified doctor for more than 18 years, having graduated from King’s College London in 2002. She first trained as a surgeon before specialising in Aesthetic Medicine in 2007. She started out her career, inspired by her late mother who suffered from hormonal acne and acne scars which led to her first book “The Hormonal Acne Solution”.


When Dr Terry was 30 years old, she was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer which led her down the path of nutrition, functional medicine and hormonal balance. Her philosophy as an Integrative Skin and Hormone Doctor is to help her patients look and feel their best, with each passing year, naturally and holistically.


Through her personal experience and working with patients through the decades, Dr Terry specialises in skin care planning, aesthetic treatments, health coaching and hormonal balance (particularly hormonal acne, peri menopause and menopause). Having grown up in Malaysia and trained in UK and USA, she combines Eastern philosophy with Western technology and science.


She believes when a woman prioritise herself, it will create a positive ripple effect with her family, her community and the world at large.


When she’s not in work mode, she’s writing, dancing, weight training and spends time with her family, being a mother to a cheeky 6 year old boy.


Website: https://drterryloong.com

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