Épisode #S2E7

Skin & Topical Disorders

Jul 28, 19 min

Guest: Gina Mari

On today’s episode we are diving into the science and truth behind topical skin disorders and I couldn't have a better guest to chat to us about this - this week I'm speaking to Gina Marí who is a skincare expert with a unique approach to skin renewal and preservation. At the forefront of the ever-growing and evolving world of skincare science and technology, she was named “Top Celebrity Facialist in Los Angeles” by Allure Magazine and specializes in leaving her clients with radiant, flawless and healthy skin.

Topical skin disorders have a huge effect psychologically on the person experiencing them and psychological factors influence the severity and often the reason behind them. This delicate connection affects many people, studios have shown that rosacea affects 16 million Americans and 85 percent of people between the ages of 12 and 24 experience at least minor acne. Given the growing problem and arguably significant lack of awareness and conversation about this, I am honoured to be speaking to Gina Mari to find out how we should be approaching our topical skin disorders in a more mindful way.

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