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Episode #S3E1

Stress & Skin

Jan 17, 30 min

Guest: Dr. Ellen Vora

Meet the Host
Guest of the Week

Today I am delighted to be joined by one of my favorite speakers in the mental health world, Dr. Ellen Vora. Dr. Ellen is a board certified psychiatrist, acupuncturist, yoga teacher and author of the book, The Anatomy of Anxiety.  

She takes a functional medicine approach to mental health and works to uncover the root of the problem. We all know that life these days is full of anxiety, whether it’s feeling pressured at work or because of our under exposure to sunlight. In today’s episode, I want to uncover the science behind stress, understand what factors influence our stress levels, how skin stress connection and ultimately how we can begin to have a better relationship with anxiety.  

The Mind Your Skin podcast is brought to you by Erno Laszlo. The science of skin and mind as one. Since 1927.  

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