VTM: 3-Step Spa Skin Rescue

Our Vitality Treatment Method (VTM) Collection is a powerful, multitasking trio that delivers a spa-grade array of skin benefits: hydrating, brightening, plumping, calming, clarifying, pore-refining, and more. Inspired by Dr. Laszlo’s Hungarian heritage and Budapest’s renowned thermal bath culture, these are clinically-proven treatments with results you can see and feel.

Hungarian Bath Culture
The history of skincare in Hungary begins with the thermal bath. Budapest is referred to as the “City of Spas” for having more thermal springs than any other capital in the world. As a Hungarian and man of science, Dr. Erno Laszlo understood the benefits of minerals from the deep sea, which you’ll find today in our VTM Collection.

Budapest lies on a geological fault line, allowing thermal waters to rise closer to the surface. Because the heat penetration from the sun is greater, mineral-rich, brittle rocks can be absorbed more effectively in the waters. While most baths feed from different springs, many contain similar therapeutic minerals such as calcium, hydrogen-carbonate, magnesium, sodium, sulfate-chloride, and metabolic acid. Each of these is known for unique healing properties.

In Dr. Laszlo’s Budapest, these mineral-rich baths are a way of life—part of a regular self-care ritual to benefit body, mind, and skin. Upholding this tradition and legacy, the skincare treatments in our VTM Collection are inspired and powered by some of these therapeutic minerals.

What Are Skincare Treatments?
Skincare treatments are products designed to address specific complexion concerns. Many targeted facial treatments are found at spas, where a facial might address pore size, hydration, skin texture, age spots, wrinkles, or other unique needs. The beauty of VTM? Skin enjoys the results of a multi-benefit spa treatment at home, and it only takes three simple steps: cleansing, masking, and toning.

Vitality Treatment Method 101
Within the collection, you’ll find our VTM Cream-to-Foam Cleanser, VTM Micro-Essence, and famous Vitality Treatment Mask, each one rich in minerals. VTM Cream-to-Foam Cleanser and VTM Micro-Essence feature our Multi-Mineral Complex, inspired by the original Triple Mineral Complex in our Vitality Treatment Mask. Our VTM formulas are all activated through two phases, preserving these minerals and their potent nutrients until the moment the products meet the skin. The result: skin enjoys powerful, mineral-rich benefits for benefits both instant and long-lasting.

Instant, Spa-Quality Results at Home
Results are delivered instantly and intensively, leaving skin looking refreshed, nourished, and glowing. Because of its varied and visible benefits for the complexion, our VTM Collection allows for a spa facial treatment experience at home to rescue your skin for the special moments in your life. A mindfulness moment also comes into play as VTM invites you to slow down and enjoy the journey to radiant skin. To indulge in such thorough treatments and enjoy dramatic, visible results any time, anywhere–when skin needs it most—is the ultimate luxury.

Your VTM Ritual

The VTM Ritual reveals healthier, more luminous-looking skin in just three steps.

Step 1:
Gently cleanse with VTM Cream-to-Foam Cleanser.

Step 2:
Reveal instant, visible results with Vitality Treatment Mask.

Step 3:
Restore and balance with VTM Micro-Essence.

VTM Cream-to-Foam Cleanser
What It Is: VTM Cream-to-Foam Cleanser is our invigorating, refreshing cleanser that begins as a velvety cream and lathers into a luxurious foam to gently sweep away dirt and buildup.
Ingredients: Our Gentle Cleansing Blend with Amino Acid surfactants ensures a mild formula suitable even for delicate, sensitive skin.
Technology: The foam is driven by these Amino Acids that leave skin feeling soft, never stripped, after cleansing.
Results: Skin is left clean, soft, and ready for the next steps in your VTM Ritual.
Pro Tip: Cleansing at night is a must to rinse away the grime of the day. Cleansing in the morning also has its benefits—giving skin a fresh start and resetting your mood.

Vitality Treatment Mask
What It Is: Vitality Treatment Mask is our 15-minute spa rescue treatment, known as the Famous Pink Mask. This two-phase, multitasking treatment gives instant results after one use, making it the perfect mask for any special occasion, from weddings to interviews to date night.
Ingredients: The Powder Phase of our active formula features a proprietary Triple Mineral Complex with ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea, which is full of the earth's most potent and skin-nourishing minerals. The Liquid Activator is enriched with ProVitamin B5, a powerful skin hydrator.
Technology: The mask is activated by mixing the Powder Phase with the Liquid Activator, allowing powerful ingredients in the mask to come to life and go to work. When combined, the formula becomes an active treatment mask with a rubbery texture to be peeled off. Upon application, the mask creates a cooling endothermic reaction, temporarily lowering the temperature of skin by 7 degrees.

Results: Vitality Treatment Mask is clinically proven to brighten, plump, smooth, calm, and improve skin clarity in just one use. Skin is left feeling healthier, bouncy, and more supple, with hydration levels instantly increased by 48%. With repeated use, skin will experience improvements in the appearance of pore size, a more balanced complexion, and overall more-refreshed, radiant-looking skin.
Pro Tip: Apply the mask in a thick layer so it’s easier to peel. After 15 minutes, use a cotton round with VTM Micro-Essence to remove any residue. Do not rinse down the drain, rather peel into a tissue and toss. If desired, apply VTM Micro-Essence both before and after masking for the ultimate skin-hydrating experience.

VTM Micro-Essence
What It Is: VTM Micro-Essence is our restorative facial essence lotion scientifically formulated to treat dry, dull, and damaged skin with weightless hydration.
Ingredients: Madonna Lily brings brightening benefits for a more-uniform and radiant tone. Marine Extract derived from the coast of Brittany, France, reinforces skin’s moisture barrier to help reduce roughness and the appearance of pores. Meadowfoam and Raspberry Oil help prevent moisture loss and leave skin softened, smoothed, and plumped.
Technology: Patented microfluidic technology enables thousands of encapsulated oil droplets (bubbles) to float in clear, aqueous gel. Each of these tiny jellified bubbles features a protective membrane which holds Meadowfoam and Raspberry Oil. With every application, the droplets burst, activating each ingredient and skincare benefit as they melt into the skin. The result is a unique sensation: the cooling hydration of a water splash (96% liquid phase) with the silky-soft nutrition of an oil serum (4% oil phase).
Results: Skin is instantly energized, balanced, and deeply purified for an overall soft and supple complexion. Pores appear diminished and skin tone and texture is improved over time. In a clinical study, 94% reported skin felt instantly hydrated, and 91% agreed skin felt nourished and soothed after one use.
Pro Tip: Layer VTM Micro-Essence with our VTM Mask. To do this, apply the essence, mask with VTM, then apply the essence once again for an extra burst of hydration, amplifying the results of the mask for a thoroughly refreshed, energized feel. This way, you can also end your VTM Ritual with a Hungarian Facial Massage.

Discover and shop our entire Vitality Treatment Method Collection to turn your skincare ritual into a home-spa experience. If you’re loving VTM, let us know—share a photo and tag us on social @ernolaszlonyc.


STEP 1: Pour the Liquid Activator into a bowl.
STEP 2: Combine the Triple Mineral Complex and mix vigorously for 45–60 seconds, until mask thickens.
STEP 3: Smooth a thick layer over face.
STEP 4: Leave on for 15 minutes until mask is a rubbery texture.
STEP 5: Push the ends in and peel downwards.
RESULTS: Brighter, plumper, smoother skin.

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