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Vitality Treatment Mask


Plump, hydrate and brighten skin with our Vitality Treatment Mask, also known as The Famous Pink Mask. This mix-to-activate, facial moisturizing mask is clinically proven to target skin concerns instantly, leaving skin supple and supported. Hydration levels increased by 48% instantly after use.

In a Clinical Study:
After 1 use, 100% of users reported
-Brighter Skin
-Plumper Skin
-Smoother Skin
-Improvement in skin clarity
-Calmer skin
-Healthier Skin

*Based on self-assessment in a clinical study of 31 participants, age 20 to 35, after one use.

Included In This Set:
Step 1- 4x Liquid Activator with ProVitamin B5 37mL / 1.25 fl.oz
Step 2- 4xTriple Mineral Powder with Magnesium Carbonate 4 x 5.5g / 0.19 oz.

The Vitality Treatment Mask is powered by a triple mineral powder blend activated with a serum lotion. When combined, the formula becomes an active treatment mask that creates a rubbery texture to be peeled off. 

Upon application the treatment mask creates a cooling endothermic reaction, temporarily lowering the temperature of skin by 7 degrees. 

This active formula features Magnesium Carbonate, sourced from the Dead Sea, which is full of the earth's most potent minerals and a Liquid Activator that is enriched with ProVitamin B5. After one application your skin will appear brighter, plumper, smoother and more even-toned. 

This mask is clinically proven to increase hydration levels by 48% with just one use. With repeated use, you will see improvements in the appearance of pore size, a more balanced complexion and overall more refreshed and healthier skin.

Featured in Well and Good, Beauty Matter, Fab Fit Fun, Green Wedding Shoes & Cision PR Newswire

Immediately after cleansing, follow these instructions for an at home, spa-like experience. This mask may get messy, but the results are worth it. 

COMBINE Step 1 (Liquid Activator) with Step 2 (Triple Mineral Powder with Magnesium Carbonate) and mix vigorously for about 45- 60 seconds until you have a mousse-like consistency. Small clumps in your mixture are normal. 

SMOOTH a thick layer of the mask over your face, avoiding eyes, brows, hairline and mouth. 

LEAVE the mask on for 10-15 minutes until it dries to a rubbery texture. 

PEEL off mask downward from the forehead. For best removal push the ends in before peeling off. Your mask may not come off in one piece; you can use a damp, soft cloth to remove any residue.

Step 1 Ingredients:
Liquid Activator / Activateur Liquide: Aqua (Water/eau), Glycerin, Glyceryl Acrylate/acrylic Acid Copolymer, Panthenol, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol.

Step 2 Ingredients:
Triple Mineral Powder / Poudre Minérale: Magnesium Carbonate, Algin, Silica, Calcium Sulfate, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Trimetaphosphate, Ci 77491 (Iron Oxides), Ci 77492 (Iron Oxides), Ci 77947 (Zinc Oxide).

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