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Episode #S3E4

Stress & Cold Showers

Apr 07, 27 min

Guest: Selena Bartlett

Meet the Host
Guest of the Week

I am thrilled to be joined today by Professor Selena Bartlett. Professor Bartlett is a world renowned neuroscientist at the Queensland University of Technology. She is a widely published author and a commentator on addiction, obesity and changing mindset. She is also the host of the brilliant Thriving Minds podcast where she looks at neuroplasticity and how we can take advantage of our brilliant biology to thrive in life when we are faced with adversity.

As we all know, stress can affect us both mentally and physically but can especially affect our skin. I was researching the impact of cold water therapy when I stumbled across Professor Bartlett’s article on cold showers and became so inspired to try it. While at first it’s a shock to the system, I felt so empowered once I did it. I wanted to speak to Professor Bartlett today to discuss the benefits cold water exposure can have on both our mind and skin.

The Mind Your Skin podcast is brought to you by Erno Laszlo. The science of skin and mind as one. Since 1927. 

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