Extra Dry Skin Therapies: Advanced Moisture Repair

Dry, oily, combination. Skincare enthusiasts know their skin type and choose their skincare products accordingly. But what about digging even deeper into your skin-type? For example, while some complexions are dry, others extra dry.

Dry Skin vs. Extra Dry Skin vs. Dehydrated Skin
Dry, extra dry, and dehydrated skin are defined by exceptionally low moisture levels in the skin and a lack of oil production to help keep skin hydrated. The difference between these can be determined by looking at certain visible, physical indicators.

Dry skin appears dull and feels dehydrated with mild tightness and discomfort.

Extra dry skin appears rough, dull, flaky, peeling, and feels extremely tight and noticeably uncomfortable. If you’re wondering whether your skin is dry or extra dry, learn more here.

While each of these can occur naturally, external aggressors have an impact. Environmental factors such as extreme heat or cold or low humidity, aging skin that produces fewer oils, and harsh cleansers—all of these can further dry out skin.

Dehydrated skin isn’t genetically influenced, rather it results from internal and external factors, such as inadequate water intake, a damaged moisture barrier, or the climate.

Those with dry and extra dry skin may experience some similarities to sensitive skin. However, sensitive skin is marked by more redness and a stinging sensation when using certain more-aggressive products. Learn more about sensitive skin here.

Improving Extra Dry Skin
While dehydrated skin may be helped by drinking more water, extra dry skin requires advanced care and a thoughtful ritual. Skincare formulas should replenish lost moisture and fortify skin’s moisture barrier to lock in that restored hydration. Look for ingredients rich in EFAs, hyaluronic acid, hydrating oils, ceramides, and moisture-restoring vitamins.

Our Extra Dry Skin Therapies Can Help
People with extra dry skin seek skincare products that replenish and lock in moisture and restore a feeling of skin comfort. Formulated to do exactly that, our Extra Dry Collection is science-backed and clinically proven to increase skin moisture. These extra dry skin remedies deliver precisely what skin needs.

Phelityl Cream for Extra Dry Skin
Powered by our Phelityl Complex, Phelityl Cream is our rich-textured day-to-night cream. It absorbs quickly and delivers essential fatty acids to help nourish dry skin and replenish the vital moisture and nutrients that daily life depletes. With a mattified, non-greasy, velvety-soft finish, skin’s protective barrier is left supported, moisture is preserved, and hydration levels are balanced.

Key Ingredients
Phelityl Complex: Dr. Laszlo’s innovative Phelityl Complex remains an advanced way to restore hydration to dry skin. Rich in EFAs, our Phelityl Complex supports the skin with antioxidants, protects skin from moisture loss, and delivers balanced hydration.
Botanic Oil Blend: Combining Babassu, Coconut, Soybean, Vegetable, and Linseed Oils, our Botanic Oil Blend is rich in EFAs that promote moisture protection.
Ceramides: Helps skin appear firm and supple.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are a crucial component of skin’s lipid barrier, helping to fortify skin’s surface and maintain moisture levels and elasticity. The body naturally produces EFAs, but skin begins to make insufficient amounts as we age, resulting in a loss of moisture and firmness. Phelityl Cream Extra Dry replenishes these depleted EFAs.

Skin Supplement Essence for Extra Dry Skin
Skin Supplement Essence is our silky facial toner that revives dry skin and replenishes moisture, coating the complexion in energizing hydration and restoring a comfortable feel.

Key Ingredients
ProVitamin B5: A known humectant, ProVitamin B5 helps restore and maintain skin’s natural moisture levels. It both soothes dry skin and stimulates a refreshed, revived look and feel.
Allantoin: Soothing Allantoin brings gentle moisturizing benefits to help rehydrate thirsty skin.
Hyaluronic Acid & Sodium PCA: These proven moisturizing humectants attract and hold water to the skin, helping to keep the complexion looking and feeling fresh.

If you’re unsure of your skin type, get started with our Skin Type Guide.

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