Full Circle Eye Serum Mask: Love Your Eyes From Every Angle

When it comes to reviving dull, tired-looking eyes, skincare enthusiasts often focus on refreshing only the skin beneath the eyes. Our fan-favorite Multi-Task Serum Eye Mask often comes to the under-eye rescue, hydrating to soothe puffy eyes, smooth lines, and brighten dark circles under the eyes. But why should the skin below the eye enjoy all the TLC?

Science shows that the delicate skin above the eye is equally worthy of nourishing care and revitalizing results. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome a new favorite to our multitasking eye care collection: Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask. This innovative, one-size-fits-all hydrating eye patch wraps around the entirety of the eye for 360 degrees of care.

Why the Upper Eyelid?
The skin on the upper eyelid is prone to the same problems as the skin below. Because this skin is so thin and delicate, it ages more quickly than other areas of the face. Over time, the upper eye area loses elasticity and firmness.

How Aggressors Affect the Upper Lid
Natural environmental aggressors such as sun exposure and pollution can wreak havoc on the eye area. Our own actions also play a big part. Makeup application, eye rubbing or tugging, and dehydration all contribute to eyelid dryness, sagging, and wrinkles.

What is Crepey Skin?
When skin loses elasticity and resilience, it causes little winkles that resemble crepe paper. The best thing we can do to prevent and improve the appearance of crepey skin is to keep the under-eyes and upper eyelids hydrated with creams, serums, and masks. Creping skin typically begins in a person's late-30s and is affected by the environmental factors, pulling, and tugging mentioned above.
The Solution: A New Eye Mask Backed by Science
It has always been crucial to extend care to the upper eyelid, but serums and creams used to be the only way to do so. With our innovative Full Circle design, we’re changing the game for eye masking. Targeting both the upper and lower lid at once, our Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask instantly infuses skin with intensive, target benefits to help alleviate the signs of time. Skin is left refreshed, conditioned, and luminous for eyes that look and feel more awake.

Our science-backed formula features powerhouse ingredients that hydrate, brighten, and smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes:

Hydrating Sugar Complex: Delivers short and long-term hydration, enhancing skin’s natural moisture barrier while improving skin smoothness and comfort.

Niacinamide: Also known as Vitamin B3; hydrates and combats skin dullness for a more even-toned looking complexion.

HexaPeptide Complex: Made up of chains of amino acids is shown to condition the skin.

Should You Go Full Circle?
Our Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask is an advanced treatment designed to seamlessly support your skincare ritual. Like the original Multi-Task Serum Eye Mask, the Full Circle hydrogel patches are clear and stay put, so you can mask discreetly while moving around for true multitasking. This eye mask gently hugs the entirety of your eye and is optimal for every eye shape. If you’re looking to expand the benefits of eye masking or notice signs of creping or puffiness on the upper eyelid, this is the mask for you.

Wherever you are in your skincare journey, our Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask is a chance to achieve greater confidence in your skin by learning how to love your eyes from every angle.

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