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Article: New Packaging, Same Skincare You Love

New Packaging, Same Skincare You Love
Brand News

New Packaging, Same Skincare You Love

As we enter a new year, Erno Laszlo devotees will notice a refreshed look and feel to our packaging, beginning with our new Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask and Sensitive Skin Collection. As we continue our sustainability journey by selecting thoughtful materials for our packaging, our new design elements keep customer experience and ease at the center. 

Our ritual collections are formulated to address specific skin concerns, such as Sensitive Skin or Eye Care. With minimalist color-coded designs, our new packaging communicates at a glance: this collection is formulated for your concern. To bring this design update to life, we partnered with London-based independent design agency, Free The Birds.

“We continue to evolve and grow at Erno Laszlo, and with this we are engaging with new customers all over the world,” says Erno Laszlo’s Executive Creative Director, Marla Sough. “Our new direction balances our Doctor-founded heritage with our mission to lead with the Science of Skin Since 1927. Our partnership with Free the Birds brought together a new photography style and direction for Erno Laszlo. This new direction emphasizes our luxury position while elevating our scientific credentials as we focus on addressing the skincare needs of each and every individual.”

Going forward, we will slowly adapt our new packaging across all products. But rest assured that our commitment to science-backed formulations and improved formula efficacy will remain constant, advancing as skin science advances. The reason for our packaging refresh is simple: our brand has a rich 95-year history that is ever evolving. Our goal as we continue to build our legacy is to put forth packaging that reflects the Erno Laszlo ethos and manifesto, all while ensuring customers can easily navigate and enjoy our skincare to the fullest. 


History & Heritage—The Mind-Skin Connection

When Doctor Erno Laszlo created his namesake brand, he was focused on prescribing science-backed, bespoke rituals and treatments for the individual. He also understood the connection between the skin and mind—that how a person feels on the inside can affect the way their skin looks on the outside. Our new packaging celebrates this relationship between mind and skin. 

How it’s reflected in our packaging: In order to connect this idea of skin and mind, intertwined with our brand’s heritage, we’ve updated our brand tagline to “The Science of Skin Since 1927.” You will see this on all of our outer packaging. 


The Individual
Today, we carry on Dr. Laszlo’s philosophy and principles by continuing to focus on the individual, or the “I.” Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. Rather, a ritual is best and most effective when customized to each individual. The “I” has become a strong visual for Erno Laszlo, and once you know it’s there, you’ll notice it time and again across our brand imagery.

How it’s reflected in our packaging: When you see “The Science of Skin Since 1927” logo, notice the “I” in the words “Science” and “Skin” are connected into one “I”. This represents the link between the science of skin and mind, and how it is always connected to the individual. 

For each skincare collection, the color of the “I” down the front center of our packaging will change. This will ensure a cohesive look and easy navigation from collection to collection.

Brand Manifesto
We partnered with Free The Birds to establish our brand manifesto—something that greatly informs our new packaging and overall creative direction: 

The inner and outer self are not just connected, they are one.
What is outside is inside.
What you see is what you feel.
To care for one is to care for the other.
Balance is the key.
Harmony is at the heart.
So, our products understand you and know you.
You, the individual. The “I.”
The unique circumstances behind your life and your skin.
We design treatment programs for you and only you.
Transforming how you feel with proven, revitalizing rituals.
Using our science to soothe and revive your skin and yourself.
For inner and outer well-being begins with “I.”  

Sustainable, Recyclable Packaging
Erno Laszlo has made a pact to ensure all of our inner and outer packaging is recyclable by 2025. Our new packaging reflects the changes we have made to uphold this promise.

Outer Packaging: All our product bottles, jars, and tubes come in boxes that are made of 100% pulp paper and are completely recyclable with other paper materials.

Product Packaging: We are working toward crafting all of our product bottles, jars, and tubes out of 100% glass or 100% plastic so that all parts can be recycled.

Did you know that any black-colored plastic or glass that is two inches or smaller is not picked up on the conveyor belt at the recycling facility, and therefore, not recycled? We want to ensure all our packaging is completely recyclable, so we’re changing our product caps from all-black to a marbleized black and white blend to ensure recyclability.

About Free The Birds
Throughout this process, it has been an immense pleasure and inspiration to partner with Free The Birds. They are a creative agency that elevates brands through beautiful thinking. Since 1997, Free The Birds has created meaningful identities for brands giving them a soul and driving awareness, affection, and sales.

Free The Birds works with a myriad of leading organizations, from start-ups to global businesses and social enterprises. They have a strong heritage in the beauty, homecare, and health & wellness sectors, making them a perfect fit for Erno Laszlo. “As specialists within beauty, we understood the semiotics of the category instantly,” says Nick Vaus, Partner and Creative Director. “It’s been a fascinating exercise applying these visual cues down to a luxury level. We can’t wait to watch the brand develop further.”

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