Product Spotlight: Shaking Things Up With Shake-It!

An Erno Laszlo icon is back, Shake-It, and it's a blast from our past coming to brighten up your 2021. Our Shake-It Tinted Treatment is a shake-to-mix, tinted toner treatment that remained a cult classic until it was no longer available in 2016 – and now it's back!

We caught up with Anne McFadden, one of Erno Laszlo's beauty advisors that has been sharing all things, Erno Laszlo, for over 40+ years. She can break down this product and share why it is a cult favorite.   

"Every single day, somebody calls me to ask if it's coming back," brand ambassador Anne McFadden says. "There's a great demand for it! I'm excited because there's nothing like it on the market. It is unique, I put it on all the young girls in our office, and they couldn't believe it."

It's not just Anne's phone that's ringing off the hook with the devotees yearning for the return of their beloved Shake-It; they've taken to the digital streets and shared their love online as well. "I have been using this for 45 years! Wouldn't change a thing!" Linda J. Sturm posted, while Angel Loza said, "This is flawless skin in a bottle. My Laszlo skin looks perfect with Shake-It on!" 

Shake-It has many claims to fame, including its prominence in Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo's skincare ritual and virtually every luminary that crossed paths with Dr. Laszlo. Anne elaborates, "The doctor gave it to every celebrity he waited on."

Shake-It was mainly beloved for its ability to even skin tone, controlling excess oil, and visibly reducing pores for a sheer, matte finish. A truly unique product that was the very first of its kind, a type of BB/CC cream before those terms existed, its reintroduction now is a nod to the cutting-edge legacy of Dr. Laszlo's skincare innovations. 

When he was developing his line, he wanted a finishing product. "He believed in cleansing, toning, and beautifying," Anne explains. "Shake-It was the beautifying part of the ritual." 

Anne's Shake-It Tips

"I always advise customers to do a section at a time," Anne says. This is to ensure that they get the right blend.

Although Shake-It only comes in one tone (neutral), it can work for virtually any skin tone through the blending process. "It's the way you apply it and the way you blend it," Anne says. If you find that it's a bit too light, apply a little bit of darker powder, makeup, or bronzer over it, which will adjust the tint to match your skin.

Another tip from Anne is to wait five minutes after you put it on. If it looks a bit light after you first put it on, wait, and your skin will warm up to it.


It inhibits bacteria's growth on the skin, more crucial than ever with pollutants in the air to worry about alongside everyday dirt and grime. It evens skin tone while controlling surface oils, helping to lock in moisture for a natural-looking matte finishIt smooths the skin's surface, priming it for flawless makeup coverage.

Key Ingredients

Glycerin, a humectant that acts like a magnet to draw and absorb water from the air to help skin retain moisture.

Citric Acid, which contains astringent and antioxidant properties.

Non-Drying Cosmetic Alcohol, which tightens pores and controls excess oil, with emphasis on non-drying. Clear and colorless, manufactured by the fermentation of starch, sugar, and other carbohydrates.

We've also revived the original packaging from the 1930s! 

Who Should Use It?

Shake-It works for all skin types but is especially effective with oily skin. It's best for those looking to correct uneven skin tone, excess oil, and visibly large pores without the trouble of wearing heavy foundation or concealer.

How To Use It?

Make it the last step of any ritual and apply immediately after moisturizing. Shake the bottle to mix toner with color, then saturate a cotton pad or sponge with the treatment. Apply it to your face and chin, avoiding the eye area. The coverage should feel wet. Allow to dry, then smooth out with fingertips. If additional coverage is desired, apply a second coat. Wear alone or under makeup.

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I just found out that Shake-it came back for a little while. Is it back permanently? I love, love this product. I started using it when I was 27 years old and stock piled it, for myself and my daughter, when it became discontinued. I am now 65, and I believe Shake-it has kept my skin from wrinkling. My daughter was 12 when she started using Shake-it; she is now 42 and would also like the product back. It is the best product for breakouts and for skin overall—it is great for pores as they get smaller and are hardly noticeable. I would give up every product I use, except this one. Please let me know.

Mara Brkich March 11, 2022

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