Shake-It: An Iconic Treatment for Flawless Skin

An Erno Laszlo icon—the Shake-It Tinted Treatment you know and love—is back for a limited time. Our original shake-to-activate tinted skin treatment remains a cult favorite of skincare enthusiasts. When Shake-It went off the market in 2016, Erno Laszlo devotees clamored for its return, and we were happy to oblige.

Shake-It Tinted Treatment is currently available in a luxury size and limited edition shade, Neutral, that is buildable and works across light-medium skin tones.

Shake-It: A Cult Classic
This one-of-a-kind tinted makeup-skincare hybrid was prescribed by Dr. Laszlo to top clients like Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo, who used Shake-It to achieve their signature on-screen glow.


We spoke with Anne McFadden, one of Erno Laszlo’s foremost beauty advisors who has been with the brand for over 40 years. Anne fills in the history: "When Dr. Laszlo was developing his line, he wanted a finishing product. He believed in cleansing, toning, and beautifying. Shake-It was the beautifying part of the ritual. The doctor gave it to every celebrity he waited on."

Eventually, Shake-It also came to be available not just to the elite, but to everyone. When this skin-finishing favorite became unavailable in 2016, Anne never heard the end of it. "Every single day, somebody called me to ask if Shake-It was coming back," she says. "There's a great demand for it! I'm excited for its return because there's nothing like it on the market.”

It's not just Anne's phone that was ringing off the hook with the devotees yearning for the return of their beloved Shake-It. The online love for Shake-It proved just as strong: "I have been using this for 45 years! Wouldn't change a thing!" Linda J. Sturm posted.


"This is flawless skin in a bottle. My Laszlo skin looks perfect with Shake-It on!" says Angel Loza.

Benefits of Shake-It
This shake-to-activate, tinted skin treatment works as your last step to skincare. It acts as a skin perfector, giving the complexion a flawless look.

Key Benefits:
- Visibly reduces pores
- Help even skin tone
- Control excess surface oil
- Give skin a sheer, shine-free finish

“Shake-It Tinted Treatment is a toner while doubling as a naturally flattering skin veil to reduce pore size and control excess oil. Best of all, using it was a piece of cake. Once I allowed the solution to dry, my skin neutralized and radiated a natural glow.”
– Ruby McAuliffe, ‘The New York Post’

Science-Backed Formula
Shake-It is designed by science to even skin tone, refine the look of pores, and reduce oiliness. The mattifying formula features 80% treatment and 20% pigment, evening the complexion and prepping skin for a natural look. Within the formula, you’ll find:

- Calcium Carbonate: Absorbs surface oils
- Cosmetic Grade Alcohol: Refines the appearance of pores
- Glycerin: Maintains moisture, ensuring skin remains balanced

Shake-It in Your Ritual
To get the most out of Shake-It in your skincare ritual, apply as your last skincare step, after moisturizer and SPF. Anne recommends prepping skin for Shake-It with a moisturizer that suits your unique skin type.

For Dry Skin: Choose a rich and hydrating moisturizer like Firmarine SPF 30 or Phelityl Night Cream before applying Shake-It.

For Oily Skin: Choose a lighter yet hydrating formula like Mattifying Gel Moisturizer or Phelityl Emulsion before applying Shake-It.

Applying Shake-It
Getting a flawless finish with Shake-It is easy as 1–2–3. After your moisturizer and SPF, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Shake to activate
Shake the bottle to mix the treatment and color.

Step 2: Press into skin
Apply to a cotton ball or reusable pad and press into skin. ​

Step 3: Blend and layer
Evenly blend any remaining powdered pigment using your fingers or a kabuki makeup brush. Apply additional coats as desired.

For insider tips on Shake-It application, we turn again to our expert, Anne: “I always advise customers to apply Shake-It to a section of their face at a time, to ensure that they get the right blend. If it looks a bit light when you first put it on, wait a few seconds—your skin will warm up to it.”

Bring home Shake-It Tinted Treatment and discover just how flawless your complexion can be.

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I just found out that Shake-it came back for a little while. Is it back permanently? I love, love this product. I started using it when I was 27 years old and stock piled it, for myself and my daughter, when it became discontinued. I am now 65, and I believe Shake-it has kept my skin from wrinkling. My daughter was 12 when she started using Shake-it; she is now 42 and would also like the product back. It is the best product for breakouts and for skin overall—it is great for pores as they get smaller and are hardly noticeable. I would give up every product I use, except this one. Please let me know.

Mara Brkich March 11, 2022

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