What Is The 60 Second Rule and Should I Be Using It?

Washing your face is such an integral part of the day – and doubly so for us skincare lovers – but have you ever timed it? Of course, we all have different routines, some more extensive than others, but think about the time you actually spend rubbing the cleanser into your face. Is it ten, fifteen, maybe twenty seconds?

The What

Well, you might be doing it wrong. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “Well, how long should I wash my face?” Try a whole minute! That’s right, 60 seconds. But why?

Skincare specialist Nayamka Roberts-Smith recently posted her logic behind this rule and everyone’s talking about it. Naturally, we had to chime in – and we can totally see why she advocates for the 60-second rule.

The Why

Simply put, cleansing your face – thoroughly, with your fingers – for one minute gives the precious ingredients time to actually work. Most people don’t spend nearly this long actually rubbing the cleanser into their skin. By spending a full minute doing so, you’re not only softening your skin, but also giving the ingredients the necessary time to effectively dissolve oils and other impurities.

Makeup and dirt are a bit harder to remove than it might seem; it might look like it’s all gone, but traces are probably still there. Plus, spending more time washing your face tricks you (lovingly) into being more thorough. We know you’re probably being pretty thorough already, but if you’re not consciously focused on it, it can be easier to skip out on parts of your face that you don’t actually look at, like under your chin.

The When

Commit to this method and within a few weeks, you could see an improvement in the overall texture of your skin, resulting in a calmer, less red complexion.

The How

Pro tip: since you’re so focused on getting in a full minute of washing, you might accidentally get aggressive. Stay conscious of scrubbing strength to avoid irritating your skin.

If you tend to be in a hurry in the morning, our Hydra-Therapy Foaming Cleanse is the fresh-faced choice for you, a cleanser and makeup remover-in-one to save a step in your routine!

Our Refreshing Double Cleanse, a gentle morning cleanser created with our unique blend of super fruits to refine and detox skin, is another fan favorite. An Erno Laszlo VIP (aka, one of our wonderful customers) has this to say about it: “My skin has never felt so refreshed and like I got a true DEEP clean, thanks to this cleanser!” Ensure that you get that same deep clean by spending 60 seconds cleansing!

Last, but never least, our iconic Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar and Detox Cleansing Oil are a match made in double cleanse heaven. You’re probably wondering, “How long should I wash my face when I’m doing a double cleanse? Am I really supposed to spend a minute on each half of the routine?” The answer is yes, but if your skin is super sensitive and you’re worried that two full minutes of washing might not work for you, split the difference and do a focused 30 seconds of each.

When the latest trend could be a game changer and only takes 40-50 seconds of your day, it’s practically a crime not to try it! You invest in the products you put on your skin, so spend the time and let the unique formulas of the specially chosen ingredients work their singular skincare magic.

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