Episode #S1E6

Skin & Acne

May 12, 20 min

Guest: Dr. Alia Ahmed

On today’s episode of the Mind Your Skin podcast, I am joined by Dr Alia Ahmed. Dr Alia is a Consultant Dermatologist who sees and treats adults and children for all skin conditions. Dr Ahmed specialises in the psychological effects of skin disease and the link between skin and stress. She now works in the NHS in Windsor at King Edward VIII Hospital and in London at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. 


We dedicate this episode to discussing the link between mental health and acne. Anyone who’s ever had a skin issue knows that it’s more than skin deep - serious skin conditions and acne alike can have both mental and emotional effects. Acne can trigger symptoms of depression and anxiety and lead to poor emotional health. Dr Alia is working hard to try and destigmatize a condition that a vast majority of us suffer from at some stage in our life by improving our understanding of acne and the ways in which we can manage it.

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