Episode #S2E2

Skin & Makeup

Jun 23, 19 min

If you’re one of those people who can’t imagine a day without makeup? I can definitely relate. While I definitely appreciate a love for makeup, I’ve learnt that not only can it encourage the idea that being your natural self isn’t good enough, it can also trouble your skin in many ways. Today, I am talking to Dr Heather Woolery-Lloyd, an internationally recognised expert in skin care,  about the confidence conflict surrounding makeup,  some of the unfriendly components in everyday makeup and how this can ultimately lead to skin problems.    Makeup has become a necessity for many people around the world and a lot of us are ashamed to be seen in public without it. However, sometimes makeup can be harmful to your skin’s health and can lead to acne, aging, oiliness and dryness. So whilst the world of makeup is ever-expanding, it’s important to wonder what’s really under all that makeup and how are these products affecting your skin. 

Guest: Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd

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