Episode #S1E8

Skin & SPF

May 26, 24 min

Guest: Dr. Sam Bunting

On today’s episode of the Mind Your Skin podcast, I am joined by Dr Sam Bunting who will share the facts behind the sun’s impact on the skin.  The skin and sun debate is a big one and while we all know the sun’s rays can be harmful to our skin, many studies have shown that not having enough sun exposure can cause the levels of our happiness hormone to dip and can even result in a bad night’s sleep. 


Dr Sam Bunting is one of London’s leading skin specialists who has over 20 years in clinical dermatology experience. Following her role as the Global Brand Ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana Skincare in 2015, she launched a YouTube channel which has over 15 million views. She is now the founder of her own skincare line, Dr Sam’s Skincare. Today Dr Sam is going to teach us all about why suncream is a crucial part of your skincare routine and how to strike the balance when it comes to the sun and taking advantage of it’s mood lifting benefits. 

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