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Episode #S1E2

Skin & Stress

Apr 14, 24 min

Guest: Dr. Amy Wechsler

Meet the Host
Guest of the Week

I am so excited to be joined by Dr Amy Wechsler to discuss the very important connection between our mind and our skin. Dr Amy is one of a small handful of physicians in the country board-certified in both dermatology and psychiatry. She is well known for her unique approach-administering traditional practices only after thoroughly understanding her patients’ emotional state of mind and the impact it is having on the outer surface. Dr Wechsler is the author of The Mind-Beauty Connection and is frequently called upon by the media to demystify the link between how you live and how you look.

Given this time of extreme prolonged stress, I thought it was time to check in with Dr Wechsler on why her unique field feels so crucial now. Dr Amy discusses why stress can have a major impact on the condition of our skin and can do even more damage than the passage of time. We learn about why our skin is a mirror of our emotions which helps to explain why many of us may have felt like we’ve aged a decade over the past two years. While stress is something most of us can’t avoid, Dr Amy provides useful tips on how we can find calm inside and out.

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