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Episode #S2BONUS

Skin & Technology

Aug 11, 27 min

Guest: Chris Luckham

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Guest of the Week

Today I am very excited to be talking to Chris Luckham, the education specialist at FOREO, the Swedish brand known for producing powerhouse skincare gadgets, to talk about all things skin and tech. The road towards embracing skin tech has been a rocky one and a lot of us have questioned whether at home devices can really match up to an in real life experience. But steady efforts in the tech arena have now provided tools that are intuitive and weave seamlessly into our lifestyles - all without having to leave our homes.                                                      

In this episode, Chris explains what skin care devices will enhance your skincare routine, why the results are much more effective and why it's equally as important for both the mind and skin to slow down and make more time for self-care.

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