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Article: Ingredient Spotlight: Apple & Ginger For All Around Wellness

Ingredient Spotlight: Apple & Ginger For All Around Wellness

Ingredient Spotlight: Apple & Ginger For All Around Wellness

Two of the fantastic main ingredients in Erno Laszlo’s Phormula 3-10 collection are ginger and apple. Both are fabulously repairing in nature to nourish and, rejuvenate aging skin. But what makes these super ingredients so good for both your physical and mental health?

It all comes down to the gut-brain connection.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with those pesky gut feelings we get when we know something’s not quite right. Or the butterflies in our stomach before that first date or job interview. These are all indicators that our emotions influence how we feel physically. But what if I told you this relationship goes both ways?

The gut-brain connection

Your gut is there for more than just digestion. It’s also the main hub of your ‘microbiome’ - the collection of bacteria in your body. And it also happens to share a lot of structural and chemical similarities with your brain. We have something called the ‘enteric nervous system’, which is made up of millions of nerves lining the gut. It’s these nerves that lead some people to call the gut our ‘second brain’.

But that’s not the only connection; there’s a much more direct one. The gut-brain axis is the communication system connecting - you guessed it - your gut microbiome and brain. And neurons pass along the nerves, such as the vagus nerve which runs from your brain down to your colon, sending messages back and forth.

As well as this physical connection, your gut and brain also connect chemically. Many neurotransmitters are produced by gut cells. In fact, large amounts of serotonin (the happy hormone) come from the gut microbiome.


What about apples and ginger?

Learning that our gut microbiome can impact brain function is brilliant. It’s empowering to know that how you fuel your body can also be the perfect antidote for your mind! So where do apples and ginger come into it? The general rule is this: the greater the variety of bacteria you have, the healthier your gut will be.  

Apples contain an impressive 100 million bacteria. And there is some research that says organic apples specifically have a wider range of microbes, increasing the diversity in your gut. They also contain a fibre called pectin, which helps maintain good bacteria in your gut. In fact, there are at least eight different types of fibre in apples, and all of them are good for your gut health! Ideally, you could eat the entire apple - seeds, core, stem, and all - but I’ll leave that choice up to you.

Similarly, ginger incorporates into the healthy bacteria in your gut. It multiplies them over time, until you’re able to produce anti-inflammatory cytokines. Which basically means ginger can help improve gut disease. It’s also been found to remodel the microbiome, changing the composition of gut microbes to improve overall gut health.

The gut-brain connection shows us how daily choices can influence our health and wellness. It highlights the importance of taking a holistic approach to health. And the cherry on top? A healthier gut will show on your face! Radiant, blemish-free skin is one of many rewards for taking care of your gut, along with a clearer, more positive outlook.

With love,


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