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Article: How to Achieve a Calmer Mind and Glowing Skin in Just 60 Seconds

How to Achieve a Calmer Mind and Glowing Skin in Just 60 Seconds

How to Achieve a Calmer Mind and Glowing Skin in Just 60 Seconds

Life’s been crazy. You’ve been going non-stop, and it’s all starting to catch up with you. With your mind and thoughts constantly racing, struggling to switch off, your skin’s showing signs of fatigue and one too many late nights. 

You need a break - a moment to give both your skin and mind some well-deserved rest and recuperation. Does that sound eerily familiar? I’ve mentioned before that I love using my skincare as a window into my mental health. 

 Taking time each day for some much-needed self-care is crucial. 

Combining mindfulness practice with your skincare routine makes it so much easier to carve out time in your day to check in with yourself, allowing you to nurture and nourish your skin and soul simultaneously.

Making this part of your skincare routine significantly boosts your chances of actually fitting it in. Rather than following a strict schedule of twenty minutes a day or five times a week, this doesn’t need to be a big undertaking or commitment. And there’s something empowering about this more low-maintenance, everyday approach to mindfulness.

It’s why I’m so thrilled to see Erno Laszlo release their incredible VTM Micro-Essence - the newest member of the VTM family. This is the perfect pairing for those mindful, skin-care moments we can all benefit so greatly from, and I can’t wait to share why I love it so much already!

VTM Micro-Essence

A restorative essence lotion, Erno Laszlo’s VTM Micro-Essence is brilliant for boosting radiance, energizing and purifying your skin. It keeps you looking and feeling your best, having been shown to improve skin tone and texture over time.

Its microfluidic technology means there are thousands of encapsulated oil droplets floating in the clear gel. As soon as the product touches your skin, the release of meadowfoam and raspberry oil gives you the cool rush of weightless hydration alongside the nourishment of an oil serum. 

Other ingredients include Madonna Lily for balancing aging and uneven skin that’s been damaged by UV rays, marine extract to perfect pores and reduce texture, and a multi-mineral complex for rejuvenating tired skin.

Hungarian Facial Mindfulness Massage

So how do you get the very best out of this incredible product? I’ll let you in on a little secret: all you need is 60 seconds to indulge in a full sensorial experience. 

I love this technique because the relaxing massage helps to ground me in the present moment, the structured breathing calms my nervous system and quiets any racing thoughts, and the beautiful texture of the product leaves my skin feeling hydrated and replenished.

Here’s a quick step-by-step on how you can perform a Hungarian Facial Mindfulness Massage at home in just a minute:

1. Warm some VTM Micro-Essence between your fingers.
2. Take a deep inhale.
3. Gently press the product all over your skin.
4. Take a deep exhale.
5. Repeat this a few more times.
6. Take a deep inhale.
7. Gently slide your hands in a downwards motion across your face.
8. Take a deep exhale.
9. Take a deep inhale.
10. Gently slide your hands in an upwards motion across your face.
11. Take a deep exhale.
12. Take a deep inhale.
13. Gently tap your fingers around your skin, going upwards from your jawline and downwards from your forehead.
14. Take a deep exhale.

    And there you have it - a quick yet indulgent way to treat your mind and skin to some much-needed TLC! 

    I wholeheartedly recommend you add it to your routine and see what wonders it works for you. If you do give it a try, I’d love to hear about your experience.

    With love, 

    Founder of @happynotperfect  and Not Perfect Podcast with Poppy Jami‪e‬

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