Introducing VTM Micro-Essence: Radiance Revealed

There’s a new addition to the VTM family. VTM Micro-Essence is a restorative essence lotion, scientifically formulated to treat dry, pigmented, and damaged skin. It infuses the complexion with weightless hydration delivered via a 29-patent process of Microfluidic Technology. But more on that in a moment. First, let’s look at the results.


VTM Micro-Essence leaves skin instantly energized, balanced, and deeply purified for an overall soft and supple complexion. Over time, our revitalizing formula helps brighten, refine pores, and improve skin’s tone and texture. VTM Micro-Essence is currently in clinical trials to unequivocally prove these skincare benefits.

Microfluidic Technology

The tech inside VTM Micro-Essence is pour-to-activate and drop-by-drop. How does it work? The formula allows thousands of uniformly-sized, encapsulated oil droplets (bubbles) to float in clear, aqueous gel.

Each of these pretty, pink, jellified bubbles features a protective membrane. Inside: Meadowfoam and Raspberry Oil. These precious oils remain suspended until the moment the Micro-Essence hits the skin, releasing the ingredients’ full potency.

Every time you use this essence, those little droplets burst, activating each ingredient and benefit as they melt into the skin. The result is a unique sensation: the cooling hydration of a water splash with the silky-soft nourishment of an oil serum.

Key Ingredients

 Madonna Lily  brings the brightening benefits to VTM Micro-Essence. This luminous, night-blooming flower helps restore balance to aging, uneven skin affected by UV rays. It helps to regulate skin pigmentation for a brighter, more-uniform tone.

Pore-perfecting  Marine Extract  is pulled from a microorganism off the coast of Brittany, France. This sugar-based extract reinforces the skin's barrier, renewing and rehydrating the complexion. Dull skin is sloughed away, reducing roughness and shrinking the appearance of pores for a smooth, soft look.

 Meadowfoam Oil  also helps to reinforce skin’s natural barrier. Rich in essential fatty acids like Omega 9, this botanical oil is easily absorbed, thereby locking in hydration and protecting skin from the elements.

Rosy-hued  Raspberry Oil , rich in vitamins, helps to keep the complexion looking and feeling more youthful. Vitamin A helps maintain elasticity and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while Vitamin E targets oxidative stress and signs of aging.

Lastly, there’s our  Multi-Mineral Complex , inspired by the Triple Mineral Complex found in our Vitality Treatment Mask (VTM). This multi-mineral blend of Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper re-energizes skin to restore vitality. It acts as a pick-me-up, stimulating the renewal process for a refreshed complexion.

How To Use

After cleansing, but before serum—that’s the right time to apply your toner or essence. Sweep VTM Micro-Essence over your skin, either using a cotton pad or simply dabbing and patting with fingertips to blend. This refreshing, lightweight formula absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling softer, smoother, firmer, and more radiant.


I follow this product with my routine’s usual moisturizing night cream….rather like a “sealant”.
The natural fragrance of this product is exquisite, by the way; what a pleasure to use.

Debra zreid October 01, 2021

I am using it & loving it! My face feels invigorated, the skin plumper & more vibrant. Very happy with the results. It needs the strum for the full effect, I feel.

Sara Stites October 01, 2021

Please suggest a day/ night firming moisturizer to compliment the VTM micro essence lotion I just bought!

Mary Lou BRIZZOLARA July 16, 2021

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