The History of Dr. Laszlo and The Double Cleanse Method

The heritage of Erno Laszlo has always had its cornerstone in cleansing and, more importantly, The Double Cleanse method. Since our very first launch, we have always included a soap and oil cleansing system- the first of its kind.

Let’s Take a Look as to Why Using an Oil and Soap Bar Together in a Double Cleanse is Effective

  • An oil, such as Hydra-Therapy Phelityl Cleansing Oil has the capacity to loosen dirt within pores. Hydrophobic ingredients (such as oils and esters), combine with dirt, oil and debris on skin to lift and prepare them for removal.
  • After that, a soap bar such as Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar then removes dirt and debris from skin and pores, revealing cleansed skin. Surfactants (cleansers) within the soap bars are responsible for this skin “clean-up.”
  • Furthermore, products such as the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar can gently exfoliate and remove dead, dull-looking skin flakes.

While many Double Cleanse methods sometimes use a liquid cleanser, soap bars are naturally antibacterial and more sustainable since they do not use plastic.

When used together, oil and soap becomes a cleansing mask. The foamy texture can be massaged and creates a meditative moment of serenity, while also deeply cleansing skin.

The Evolution of The Double Cleanse Method

Prior to the launch of Erno Laszlo and the double cleanse method, it was common to cleanse the face using cold cream- using a waxy, emollient-based cream to “melt” makeup off of the face. While effective at “loosening” dirt and grime, cold cream is unable to provide a complete, deep clean. By including the use of skin conditioning agents and humectants within our oils and soaps, skin will feel squeaky clean, but not tight.

Erno Laszlo’s double cleanse has evolved with time and has changed its focus to focus on skin benefits, versus skin typing.

Importance of Double Cleansing

Dr. Laszlo famously said: “If you do nothing else, wash your face.” This is because cleansing the skin creates a canvas for the rest of the skincare ritual. By double cleansing, a deep but gentle clean is achieved, and prepares the skin to receive the rest of its ritual.

Double cleansing is suitable for all skin types, but the formula you choose should be dependent on your skin type and benefit you’re trying to achieve:



    The Double Cleanse Prescription

    Since Double Cleansing has been a hallmark of Erno Laszlo, many famous clients have had their bespoke cleansing ritual. John F. Kennedy used Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, while Marilyn Monroe was prescribed Active Phelityl Oil and Active Phelityl Soap to cleanse her dry skin in the evenings.

    Today, our NPD team has created their own custom rituals. Below, take a sneak peek into their daily cleansing routine

    • Madalena Resca, Sr. NPD Manager
      • “Because my skin gets really oily in the summer months, I use Detox Cleasing Oil coupled with Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar during both the morning and evening. The duo cleanses my pores without that typical tight feeling that most oily-skin cleansers create.”
    • Meredith Vliet, NPD Coordinator
      • “My skin is on the drier side, but I’m also trying to counter freckles and sun spots as I spend more time in the sun. I typically combine Phelityl Hydra-Therapy Cleansing Oil with the Brightening Cleansing Bar to keep my skin hydrated but also target hyperpigmentation.”


    I have been using Erno Laszlo skincare since the age of 19. From the midwest I spent years living abroad in Africa and the Middle East. If there was one lesson I learned was to protect, cleanse and nurture my skin. I’m 63 years old now and I kid you not, swear to God, everybody thinks I’m 48-50. Now some may be genes but without doubt, Erno Laszlo has contributed to my youthful appearance. Thank you to Dr. Erno Laszlo may he RIP for creating such a wonderful system and fantastic products. I could not live with out the repair balm, my exfoliation weekly ritual and the masks. I love the charcoal cleansing gel too. Honestly not getting paid to write this. If you saw a picture of my skin you would understand.

    Kelly E. August 10, 2021

    I first heard of Erno Laszlo products in the early eighties when I was in my twenties, and modeled for an agency in Denver. They introduced me to the Erno Laszlo products stressing the importance of skin care. So I’ve used these products for years. I’m now in my sixties and recently my dermatologist told me I have great facial skin. I have gotten many compliments about my skin for years . People ask me my secret and I’ve told them about Erno Laszlo products. I don’t need botox or other injections. My husband compares my look to other women my age and he thinks I have beautiful and youthful skin. Thank you for not testing on animals. Best Wishes, Diane

    Diane Williams August 10, 2021

    Been doing the double cleanse method for many years. Very happy with my skin . Use morning and night

    Beverly Ann Hatfield September 14, 2021

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