Your Winter-Ready Skincare Ritual

As leaves and temperatures drop, you may also notice a change in your skin. Colder temperatures, less humidity, brisk winds, and heating our homes can cause skin to feel dry, itchy, and even experience redness due to these environmental stressors. Show skin the proper care by making some simple adjustments to your skincare ritual. Our experts have curated a winter skincare routine to keep your complexion looking happy, healthy, hydrated, and balanced. 

Step 1: Double Cleanse

We recommend: Phelityl Cleansing Duo

Why it’s perfect for winter: After spending the day in cooler temps, dry skin needs a deep, nourishing double cleanse that restores hydration and doesn’t strip skin of moisture. Our Phelityl Cleansing Duo replenishes EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) to help restore skin hydration. 

The results: Skin is left hydrated with restored pH balance and a silky-smooth feel.

Tip: Always rinse skin with lukewarm water. If the water is too hot, it can strip your skin of its natural oils.

Step 2: Eye Treatment

We recommend: Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask

Why it’s perfect for winter: The eye area is the most delicate part of the face and therefore the most prone to damage and signs of aging, such as crepey skin and dark circles. External aggressors can quickly wreak havoc on the skin both under and above the eye. Our Multi-Task Full Circle Eye Serum Mask offers 360 degrees of targeted care. 

The results: The entire eye area is left looking brightened, depuffed, hydrated, and smoothed. 

Tip: Because these hydrogel eye patches are clear, you can discreetly wear them anytime for true multitasking.

Step 3: Essence

We recommend: VTM Micro-Essence

Why it’s perfect for winter: It’s crucial to begin your moisturizing routine immediately after cleansing, since this is when the skin is more receptive to restorative hydration. Our VTM Micro-Essence is our best essence for dry skin. This weightless hydration is scientifically formulated to soothe dry, parched skin—the perfect remedy for winter skin dryness. 

The results: Skin is instantly energized, balanced, and purified for a soft, supple feel.

Did you know: An essence will prepare your complexion to receive the next steps in your ritual. This way, skin enjoys optimal benefits from the products that follow. 


Step 4: Serum

We recommend: Phormula 3-10 Serum Concentrate

Why it’s perfect for winter: Complexions in harsh climates can benefit greatly from rejuvenating care. Our Phormula 3-10 Serum Concentrate is a powerful treatment serum formulated with our proprietary complex, Epigene-6™. This complex targets the six key signs of aging: skin firmness, elasticity, hydration, tone, texture, and depth of lines.

The results: In a clinical study, 100% of users reported that skin feels softer, smoother, and looks healthier after use.*

Did you know: Inspired by the science of Epigenetics, Epigene-6™ is formulated with Apple, Ginger, and Vitamin B3. Apple and Ginger are rich in antioxidants to nourish skin and improve vitality. Vitamin B3 helps reduce the look of wrinkles, discoloration, and uneven texture.

*84-day study with subjects ages 30-60 years old

Step 5 AM: Daytime Moisturizer

We recommend: Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30

Why it’s perfect for winter: Even with shorter days, SPF is crucial to skin’s overall health. Our everyday rich, protective Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 not only protects skin from harmful UV rays, it also helps with instant firming feel and long-term rejuvenation. 

The results: Skin is left moisturized and protected with improved feel of firmness and elasticity.

Did you know: In winter snow, UV rays are reflected back into the atmosphere. This makes SPF all the more essential, particularly during outdoor activities. 


Step 5 PM: Nighttime Moisturizer

We recommendPhelityl Night Cream

Why it’s perfect for winter: When it comes to skincare for dry skin, a luxurious overnight cream is a must in winter. Our cult classic and award winning Phelityl Night Cream is rich and non-greasy, delivering moisture by replenishing EFAs.

The results: Skin is replenished and rehydrated for a refreshed tone and glow by morning.

Tip: Infuse skin with more moisture by running a humidifier while you sleep. With the heat turned up in your house, a humidifier adds moisture back in the air. Maintaining moisture in the air will help decrease skin dryness in winter.

Bonus Step: Spa-Treatment Mask

We recommendVitality Treatment Mask

Why it’s perfect for winter: Working masking into your winter skincare routine is a smart way to bring targeted benefits and extra hydration to your complexion. In just one use, our Vitality Treatment Mask is clinically proven to plump, brighten, improve skin clarity, and increase hydration levels by 48%.*

The results: Skin is left radiant, supple, and supported. With repeated use, you will see improvements in the appearance of pore size, a more balanced complexion, and overall more refreshed and healthier skin.

Tip: Remember to drink enough water this winter to keep skin hydrated from within. 

*Independent testing panel with subjects ages 20-35


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